Celebrating our sixth anniversary!

Sixth Anniversary! Mrscaseyann.comAhh. I just got the kids down to bed and I’m so glad it’s the weekend.. happy Friday! I’m excited for some family time this weekend. I also fit in a quick nail appointment today and that 7-minute massage included with my manicure just got me through bedtime (woop!)—Wendy did not mess around. We plan to lay low for Mother’s Day weekend and steal away a date to celebrate our anniversary on Sunday.. our SIXTH anniversary.

Sixth Anniversary! Mrscaseyann.com
I made this face approximately 1000 times in my wedding photos

Six years goes frighteningly fast. I always thought I’d get married later in life, and while I see so many benefits to finding a companion at any stage in life, I’m glad we came together at the time we did. Our first years were like those intense roller coasters that I loved as a teenager. Where they jolt you so fast, you’re laughing but there’s also a mild headache forming in the back of your neck but you want to keep going. The analogy breaks down, but I guess what I DO mean is that it was all the feelings, love, passion, figuring each other out, raw. It was the beginning of deeply understanding this person that you’ve loved and decided to spend your forever years (as you know them..).

What I love about this stage in our marriage is that we’re building in the midst of these little ones that have made our family even more what it will eventually look like. It’s more important to me than ever that our kids see the best picture we can give them about what we believe marriage to be—it’s vulnerability, compassion, consistent love, preference for one another, building each other up and partnership.

Sixth Anniversary! Mrscaseyann.comOur marriage has changed and shaped me to a better Casey.. And the people we are today versus where we began are so different, in the best ways. I am thankful for a partner in life who is growing and changing with me, and James openness to growth and becoming a better him continues to inspire me in my stubbornness. Because I can be .. and not the admirable kind that makes you think there could be a ‘bright side’ to stubbornness. Ha. So today, I am so thankful for this ride and life I’ve built together with my partner in crime!!

So okay, while we’re at it, I was thinking about some of my favorite memories from that day! So, please join me on a quick stroll down our anniversary memory lane 🙂 Also, just for fun, I wrote this post just after my first year of marriage, crazy!

  1. Getting to our hotel in our wedding clothes was SO FUN
  2. Forgetting our purses and nearly all our belongings after doing the most epic goodbye drive-away was hilarious (although at first, annoying!)
  3. At the end of the day, massaging my face as it hurt so bad from smiling, I think I had cheek cramps for two days!
  4. Leading the 50 person conga line, major wedding wish fulfilled
  5. Still loving our wedding songs and still so glad we walked out of the church to this
  6. Giggling all this time later at the people who crashed our wedding
  7. Still wishing I ate more cake.. it was de-lec-ta-ble

    Sixth Anniversary! Mrscaseyann.com
    Courtesy pic for my dress which I would wear now and forever amen. I love you Vera.

And baby makes five!


A family of five, that is 🙂 Sooo here we go! Our third small person is on the way. I’ve actually found it a little hilarious to try and figure out unique ways to share each pregnancy. With Luke, we were very choosy and careful about how and when we shared, and unknowingly kinda secretive. I think we just didn’t know what to do in hindsight! With Kate, we were further along when we confirmed everything, so we felt like there wasn’t much to wait on. Continue reading “And baby makes five!”

Five sweet Easter traditions with littles 

5 sweet easter traditions with littles.pngHolidays have taken on a whole new level having kids in the mix. I love seeing how the kids (okay well Luke so far, ha) interpret special occasions and it’s made us think a whole lot more about how we celebrate. Actually, it was still totally special before kids too, I probably was much more rested and possibly (certainly..) better dressed 😉 But as a child rearing, less rested and less well dressed person, this is our new world to explore. Continue reading “Five sweet Easter traditions with littles “

Bits and pieces

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Luke and I on a little date earlier this week 🙂


I used to do “bits and pieces” when I first started blogging (in 2011, where’s my cane?! okay okay that’s not THAT long ago now that I think about it..), but I miss doing that so here’s my 2017 take on it. I should add, I physically—almost painfully—cringe when I read some of my blog entries from back then, but then also laugh hysterically because well, that’s all you can do! Continue reading “Bits and pieces”



How does this happen? Three feels like a funny one because three years isn’t enough to feel like birth was that long ago, thus, your tiny little babe’s transformation from newborn to huge, independent-ish, curious, creative, growing by leaps and bounds three year old .. well, it’s all a little much. Continue reading “Three!”

14 months


Welp. Kate is no longer ONE, she is 14 months! So this has become a 14 months update. I’ll take it. It is such a wonder to me how two little siblings can have so many differences, and at the same time so similar. Genes are a mystery to me. I’m sure I could remedy that but I don’t know if I have the brain-space. So for now, I’m simply in wonder! Continue reading “14 months”

The kiddos at Christmastime


I’ve been remarkably bad at yearly holiday cards. I trailed off after our first year of marriage, when I burned myself out on wedding invites, thank you’s and of course, the beloved Christmas card. The timing of our wedding thank you’s in conjunction with the Christmas send out was unnecessarily stressful to say the least! I am in awe of families who have a professional shoot, followed up by a beautiful photo cards mass mailing. You, my friends, are on another level and I salute you. Continue reading “The kiddos at Christmastime”

12 favorite children’s stories (and my wishlist)

12 favorite children's storiesLuke is really taking in story-time to the fullest right now. Most evenings, we’ll come into the bedroom with a bang. Having conquered dinnertime with it’s endless multitasking–pesto pasta, peel the oranges, fix Kate some cheesy toast, dishes clean, dishes dirty, fill the water, put out the dog, no show, yes show, no chocolate, yes chocolate, etc–and dinner is won. Bravely, we march, or rather wrangle, our way to the bathtub.

Luke is gloriously proud that he can now undress himself without me (as am I!) and put his toys in the bath, plug it up and place the soap carefully on the edge of the tub. Bath time roars on with laughter, cries, scrubbing, rinsing, nearly a thousand questions and then drying, toothbrushing and running the house naked. We take it step by step, then into to the bedroom and the pajama, diaper, lotion, vapor balm wrangling continues until that solemn, perfect moment of flashlights, a stack of books and a dark room full of quiet, under the cover coziness. Continue reading “12 favorite children’s stories (and my wishlist)”