Five sweet Easter traditions with littles 

5 sweet easter traditions with littles.pngHolidays have taken on a whole new level having kids in the mix. I love seeing how the kids (okay well Luke so far, ha) interpret special occasions and it’s made us think a whole lot more about how we celebrate. Actually, it was still totally special before kids too, I probably was much more rested and possibly (certainly..) better dressed 😉 But as a child rearing, less rested and less well dressed person, this is our new world to explore. Continue reading “Five sweet Easter traditions with littles “

Bits and pieces

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Luke and I on a little date earlier this week 🙂


I used to do “bits and pieces” when I first started blogging (in 2011, where’s my cane?! okay okay that’s not THAT long ago now that I think about it..), but I miss doing that so here’s my 2017 take on it. I should add, I physically—almost painfully—cringe when I read some of my blog entries from back then, but then also laugh hysterically because well, that’s all you can do! Continue reading “Bits and pieces”

Day trip to the North Coast


Over the Thanksgiving break, we wandered our way up the salty, steep, winding coast with extra layers, blankets and plenty of fruit, yogurt and peanut butter and jellies to feed a small preschool. We have always loved the peace of a long picturesque drive to think or chat while children stare, chatter and hopefully sleep. Luke was discussing with James how he’d remembered listening to the Jack Johnson song before (“I remembered that one, daddy!”) while I tried to recollect the last time I’d been to the various farms, beaches and trails flying by on either side of the highway. Continue reading “Day trip to the North Coast”


There are quite a few things I could be doing in this moment.. Once the child is down and things settle, it’s easy for me to dive into a spurt of work-related shenanigans (and let’s be honest, get a little lost and come back up for air at 10pm, yikes). But I’ve realized over the last few weeks, that I’m in desperate need of some open brain space and little silly outlets. For some reason, this little thing seemed to do the trick 🙂

Continue reading “Currently”

A little mish-mash

September is half-way through and I’m coming to terms that my little boy will be SIX months old soon (YES, a half of a YEAR!). He’s an absolute joy that little one. This picture is a good capture of who he is—full of joy, excitement, easy-going and content. LOVE him. He’s in such a playful phase right now, he just plays and plays, chewing on different toys, rolling and beginning to crawl around. He’s not too too mobile yet but man, we really have to watch him now because he will flip and inch towards the edge of the bed so fast. He’s keeping us on our toes. Continue reading “A little mish-mash”

Out on the farm

A few weeks ago, we headed up to our favorite farm to pick strawberries and picnic with the rest of the people we live on our campus with. It was foggy, as it is in our town, but it was pleasant, because company outweighs weather in my opinion! I don’t “get out” into too much nature, but considering the nature I do get myself into, fields of fruit seem to be at the top of the list. 
I love being “away” with other people in an environment we don’t usually exist in together, and how many different aspects we discover about each other. Figuring out that some like to frolic, some are meandering explorers, slowly discovering each and every little interesting thing on the way. My son, for example, is just tickled to be outside staring up at the big blue sky or trees, laid out on a blanket. Can’t wait to stare at the stars with this little man.. Maybe he’ll be the one who convinces James and I to truly, madly, deeply go camping one day (yikes).
Where do you love to explore??